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With all the many changes that are coming out lately, some of you asked about the help that is available to the local associations. Attached is a document from NAHB to help answer some of your questions. (The document is also available on the PBA-COVID-19 Member Update webpage.)


Click on the following link to access the document: Covid-19 Support Information.pdf


Additionally, some of the application processes seem to imply that "lobbyists" are not eligible. I spoke to Karl Eckhart at NAHB and specifically asked him about the "lobby" segment of the application. This is his response: "For that lobby question to be a problem the association would have to spend more than 51% of time on lobbying. And with Home Shows and golfy tourney and business activities the local associations are well under that."


We hope that this information is helpful to you and allows you to take advantage of some of the benefits available to you.


As always, PBA is making every effort to keep you updated with information as it becomes available to us.


Stay safe and stay healthy,


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